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Career Support

Prior to coaching, my professional background is in the corporate consulting world, which I entered in 2005 and built a successful career for more than 18 years. Corporate consulting involves regularly pursuing new contracts by developing customized application materials, resumes, and proposals, as well as planning for and conducting interviews, and negotiating contract terms and prices. The career support services I now offer through Wildcat are based upon my professional experience and are my way of re-purposing and scaling effective business skills and practices to the individual level.

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Interview Planning & Preparation

This package is designed to help you gain the skills and practice you need to complete the best interviews possible. We will strategize likely interview questions and responses, discuss "surprise" questions, practice interviewing, plan response questions for you to ask, and game-plan for any specific concerns you may have. One or more sessions may be used for coaching around a topic of choice related to the interview or job-search process; performance or general anxiety, and "imposter" feelings are common topics.

  • Five 50-minute sessions

  • Unlimited texts and emails between sessions

  • $575

Career Changes & Transitions

This package is designed to support you in the process of successfully navigating a career change to a new field or industry, or a career transition to a different role within the same field or industry. You may already know where you want to be and need to figure out how to get there, or you might not be sure of where you're headed yet, except that where you are now isn't working anymore. I will meet you where you are, and work with you to envision and create your pathway forward.

  • One 50-minute session per week for 12 weeks

  • Unlimited texts and emails between sessions

  • One resume and cover letter

  • $455/month

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A La Carte

Pricing for the items below depends upon your unique needs; please book a free call to discuss, or send me an email describing your needs. Each of the items below includes a 30-minute phone call, to ensure your materials are personalized and designed to suit your needs.


Resumes come in different styles (chronological, functional, hybrid), lengths, and formats. I will create the sharp, impactful resume you need to put your best foot forward. Resumes may be customized to a specific opportunity. All resumes come with one annual update.

Cover Letters & Correspondence

Cover letters are fully customized, to pique the reader's interest in your resume and set you apart from the crowd. Other types of correspondence include introductory messages, networking outreach, informational interview requests, and more.

Digital Presence & Networking

Your presence on LinkedIn or similar networking sites can be crucial to success in your pursuits. Services include creating a new profile, revamping an existing profile, establishing a basic network of connections, creating customized opportunity searches, and more.

Consulting Session

This is a 50-minute video or phone call to discuss the career-related topic of your choice and develop an informed plan for your next best steps forward. Common topics include interview preparation, networking approach, and job or career changes.

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Image by Dayne Topkin

“Start before you’re ready. Don’t prepare, begin.” – Mel Robbins

Everyday Application: You will never be as ready as you think you need to be before attempting something. Preparation in itself is not a bad thing. However, if you are waiting for the right moment or time to begin, there is not a right moment. There is now. Start with something, no matter how small it is, but start. Then you can focus on preparing and improving, but you must take action.

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