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The Mission of Wildcat Recovery Coaching is to facilitate personal transformation and actualization, co-creating the trusted, trauma-informed spaces needed for self-exploration, dignity of personal process, dismantling unhelpful patterns and beliefs, imagining possibilities, envisioning the future, and creating new experiences infused with forward-focused curiosity.

Folks whose needs tend to align most with the services and style of Wildcat Recovery Coaching include those who are: seeking clarity in chaos; stuck in old patterns they want to change; feeling uncertain or paralyzed by life choices; desiring support in navigating through life's many various challenges. 

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The Purpose of Wildcat Recovery Coaching is to:

  • Help others move from surviving to thriving, evolving and flourishing, taking back their power from limiting beliefs and circumstances, gaining agency over old thoughts and patterns, creating new understandings of life possibilities.

  • Offer lived experience as a resource for others, holding loving acceptance and honor for life in addiction, recovery, career changes, and neurodivergence.

  • Celebrate the certainty that change is possible, real, and within reach.

  • Smash stigma around addiction and recovery through bold, impactful, thriving existence as an agent of real change.

  • Nourish a life vision of doing meaningful, fulfilling work, walking in alignment with personal values, expanding through the honor of witnessing, supporting, and sharing in others' journeys.

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The Vision for Wildcat Recovery Coaching is to grow organically as a trusted resource for those seeking better living, continuing to support individual transformations and the exponential benefits of each, and offering expanded opportunities including free and more accessible resources, group workshops, and future women's retreats.


A selection of the Values behind Wildcat Recovery Coaching include:

  • Integrity - in daily living, holding truth with openness and acceptance

  • Compassion - for the follies and challenges of our simple humanness

  • Curiosity - for looking honestly at what is working and for daring to explore new possibilities.

  • Intentionality - to focus energy on what is within our control, to move with purpose, to align with values

  • Patience - a practice, to soften old brain grooves and impress new grooves

  • Discernment - to separate facts from unhelpful thoughts, beliefs, and implications

  • Connection - with internal needs and desires, and with others in common purpose.

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"Be patient with yourself. Self-growth is tender; it's holy ground. There's no greater investment.”

Stephen Covey

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