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Recovery Coaching

Recovery support through one-on-one coaching is where you'll find the individualized support, encouragement, accountability, and partnership to imagine and create the lifestyle you want and deserve! I will meet you where you are today, and partner with you to figure out what your unique pathway looks like. One-on-one coaching may be for you if: you feel stuck or stagnant and want to refresh your mindset, goals, activities, self-care, or anything else impacting your happiness and wellbeing; you are experiencing specific issues or anxieties that are holding you back or presenting persistent challenges; you are approaching a potentially difficult situation and want to have a plan in place for how to navigate it; you seek to change or explore a change in your relationship with alcohol.

Coaching: Welcome


Six-Month Subscription

Navigating life challenges that take time to digest? New to recovery and need to find your groove? Six months is an ideal timeline to work on longer-term life goals.

  • One 50-minute session/week for six months

  • Unlimited texts and emails between sessions

  • $440/month

Three-Month Subscription

Not ready for a six-month commitment, but looking to establish real change? Three months is a great timeframe for new practices to become familiar.

  • One 50-minute session/week for three months

  • Unlimited texts and emails between sessions

  • $455/month 

Five-Session Bundle

This bundle can be used over five days or five months, depending on your needs.

  • Five 50-minute sessions

  • Unlimited texts and emails between sessions

  • $575

Single Session

Need to prepare for a last-minute event or readjust after an unexpected challenge? Get on in here.

  • One 50-minute session

  • Unlimited texts and emails for two weeks

  • $125

30-day Accountability Package

This package is designed with close communication, personalized accountability, and daily check-ins to jumpstart the first 30 days of a new lifestyle. 

  • Eight 25-minute Zoom or phone calls

  • Daily text check-ins and encouragement

  • 20% off next Wildcat purchase

  • $585

Coaching: List
Image by Alice Hampson

Laura McKowen, We Are the Luckiest: The Surprising Magic of a Sober Life

“1. It is not your fault.
2. It is your responsibility.
3. It is unfair that this is your thing.
4. This is your thing.
5. This will never stop being your thing until you face it.
6. You cannot do it alone.
7. Only you can do it.
8. I love you.
9. I will never stop reminding you of these things.”

Coaching: Quote
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